Best Coffee Makers Review

Best coffee maker machine on 2018-2019 reviewFinding the best coffee makers is not easy as we think. There is many coffee machine sell out there, but when we’re looking for the best quality and results…only a few products will meet the requirements to be the best. If you plan to buy a new coffee maker and looking for some recommendations from trusted source, you have come to the right blog.

Hi…my name is Caroline and I’m a coffee lovers. I drink coffee and enjoyed them for more than 10 years. Coffee is not like other drinks, there are ways and the best time for coffee to be drunk and enjoyed. To produce good and quality coffee, of course we need the best quality coffee beans and are supported by the best coffee makers, so that the aroma and taste of coffee becomes more enjoyable when we drink it. Below are our buyer guide, information products and reviews. So…enjoy your reading and pick the best for you 🙂

Best Automatic Drip Coffee Maker for Beginner and Expert

Our recommendation : OXO On 9-Cup Coffee Maker

  • Dimensions: 15 by 8.3 by 17.2 inches
  • Capacity: 8-9 cups
  • Brew time: under 6 minutes

OXO On 9-Cup Coffee Maker reviewsThe Reasons we like it: The OXO on 9-Cup Coffee Maker is quick and convenient, using attributes such as a programmable start time plus a automatic pre-infusion cycle (which temporarily wets the coffee before brewing, to get superior extraction).

“In our evaluations to find the very best drip coffee makers, we discovered that the coffee output aroma and taste was pleasant and better than the coffee we left with a few of the competitions”

The coffee maker features a handsome design, with a well rounded thermal stainless steel carafe that pops easily and keeps coffee warm for hours.

The shortages although not a big problems: The OXO’s unintuitive interface implies programming the timer without even studying the guide can be tough, but it is pretty simple once you get the hang of it. In our years of long-term testing, we have also noticed the lid onto the OXO’s carafe will trap old java; a fantastic rinse is not sufficient to flush out everything.

Automatic OXO On 9-Cup Coffee Maker reviews
Photo: Michael Hession/

Another thing to notice is that the OXO is tall in 17 inches, which means you could get an problem fitting it beneath your cabinets–particularly since the pliers for your water tank along with the reasons basket require an extra five inches of clearance to fully open.

Who’s this for: Anyone who needs a good drip coffee maker that can make a kettle of great-tasting coffee that stays warm for hours. If you already have a fantastic grinder (that is the most significant part a coffee installation ) and also pay a premium for gourmet beans, then this machine will find the maximum from these. Last, in case the OXO’s price seems a little steep…around $200, consult with our funding coffee makers direct.

Best and Cheap Coffee Maker Deals Under $50 – Worth The Price

Our Recommendation : Hamilton Beach 12-Cup Coffee Maker

Hamilton Beach 12-Cup Coffee Maker review
Hamilton Beach 12-Cup Coffee Maker


  • Dimensions: 7.4 by 9.27 by 13.7 inches
  • Capacity: 12 cups
  • Average Brew time: 5-6 minutes

Why we choose this: The Hamilton Beach 12-Cup Coffee Maker (46205 model) is our choice for a funding coffee maker as it’s easy to use, makes decent coffee, has a small footprint, also comes at a low price. It has a host of user-friendly characteristics that testers loved–such as a removable water reservoir and a programmable start time.

Who’s this for: Someone who wants a good but inexpensive coffee machine with minimal fuss. If you do not grind your own coffee, something like this will prepare pre-ground coffee equally as well as a more expensive drip machine in a fraction of the cost.

The shortages but not a common things, Coffee from a low budget coffee maker won’t have the flowery or sour notes you will be able to acquire out of a vending machine such as the OXO On 9-Cup Coffee Maker or a pour-over installation, but might smooth out the tastes of pre-ground Starbucks or Dunkin’ Donuts coffee. Also, the Hamilton Beach didn’t get as hot as its more expensive competitors. It’s very low-priced, but many negative Amazon reviews raise a longevity issue, and if something does fail, Hamilton Beach’s limited warranty for the device covers only up to a year of manufacturer’s defects.

Best French Press Coffee Maker

Extra rich coffee with easy and simple usage

Our recommendation : Bodum CHAMBORD French Press Coffee Maker

Bodum CHAMBORD French Press Coffee Maker reviews
Bodum CHAMBORD French Press Coffee Maker


    • Materials: borosilicate glass (beaker) and polypropylene (handle)
    • Available sizes: 12 ounces (1½ cups), 17 ounces, 34 ounces (4 cups, pictured), 51 ounces (6 cups)

Who’s this for: People who need a super easy and quick method of creating coffee. It’s simple to learn and master.

The reasons we like it: The timeless Bodum Chambord creates a balanced cup of coffee with couple of stray grounds within a tasteful glass body. After testing the top contenders in a blind-tasting panel and producing over 35 cups of coffee for our guide on the best French press, the Chambord brewed coffee that has been grit-free as brews from versions which cost up to three times as much. It is easy to wash and use, and it makes balanced, rich coffee with little muddiness.

Our testers also disliked the plunger’s spherical manage, which was less comfortable to push than other, flat-capped handles. However, the process never takes over moments, so we’re happy to exchange an ergonomic dip to get a media that cost less than others. The shortages although not a bigdeal, Glass presses will never be as sturdy as their stainless steel sockets. In the event that the Chambord does break, you can purchase replacement parts, such as beakers and filters, for any Bodum press.

Best Cold Coffee Maker Brew

If you like for low caffeine acid coffee, we recommended this for you.

Our recommendation : OXO Good Grips Cold Brew Coffee Maker

OXO Good Grips Cold Brew Coffee Maker image


  • Capacity: 3,2 kgs (4 cups)
  • Dimensions: 9.5 by 9.5 by 14.7 inches

Why we choose it: The OXO Good Grips Cold Brew Coffee Maker is our choice for the ideal cold brew coffee maker since it’s well-designed and easy to use , and in our tests it produced a consistent, tasty cup of coffee compared to other models. It created cold coffee with balanced acidity, a more powerful odor, and a cleaner complete.

The shortages but not a big deal: Some of our testers believed the Filtron Cold Water Coffee Concentrate Brewer (our runner-up) made a smoother, mellower cup of java. But others enjoyed the stronger, bolder flavor of coffee in the OXO. Pluswe found our pick much easier to use compared to Filtron, which is a bit more cumbersome.

A cold-brew coffee maker would be for people that wish to create better brewed java. Compared with refrigerating hot-brewed java, cold-brewing using a slow vulnerability extracts fewer bitter flavors, and that means you’ll find a sweeter, more milder-tasting coffee.

Best Espresso Coffee Maker

Our recommendation : The Breville Infuser

The Breville Infuser - espresso coffee maker
The Breville Infuser coffee maker


  • Water reservoir capacity: 1.8 liters (61 fluid ounces)
  • Dimensions: 12.5 by 13 by 12.5 inches
  • Water filter: yes

In creating espresso, a grinder that is good is just as important as a fantastic espresso machine. Our coffee grinder selects, though perfect for grinding coffee for the aims of drip or pour-over, absence the finer, more settings which are needed to generate the best espresso. The Rancilio Rocky accurately produced nice espresso grinds.

Who’s this for: People who like great coffee and want to create excellent espresso (or even espresso-based beverages such as cappuccinos, lattes, and americanos) at home.

The shortages but not a big deal: During our tests, the Breville Infuser made the most consistently good espresso, but it did not make the absolute best (the expensive and difficult to utilize Rancilio Silvia won that crown). Additionally, the Breville Infuser’s portafilter (the metal cup with a long handle that locks to the machine) is 5,4 centimeters, smaller than ones found on a number of other machines (5,8 cm is much more standard). This can restrict which tampers (the tool you use to press on grinds into the portafilter) you can buy, since most do not come in a 54 mm size. That said, the tamper that does include the the Breville Infuser is good, even if it’s mostly plastic.

Why we choose it : The Breville Infuser espresso machine stood out for the espresso machine, grinder, and accessories in our evaluations, pulling espresso shots compared to other machines. It was also the simplest to use, featuring the documentation and design. The steam wand of the Breville Infuser was when it came to making milk beverages. This version comes with a lot of somewhere and also accessories to store them. And it is available for a reasonable price.

Best “Mini” Espresso Coffee Maker

For beginner,the good start to making espresso with simple and easy setup. Don’t look by it’s size and prize, this machine can create a good espresso anytime you want it.

Our Recommendation: The Essenza Mini


  • Dimensions: 4.3 by 12.8 by 8.1 inches
  • Water tank capacity: 20.3 ounces (enough for 8 cup espressos)
  • Used capsule capacity: 6

The Essenza Mini coffe maker review

The Essenza Mini is our choice for the Nespresso machine since it is small and powerful, capable of producing the espressos and lungos why we like it.

We have determined that beverages are made by every one the machines, so the one is your very best option. We do not love Nespresso’s taste, also it is more expensive than a cup of drip coffee. But preference is subjective, and also the actual appeal of Nespresso is its own simplicity, speed, and consistency (even though in the event that you would like to produce real at-home espresso, then we urge these newcomer setups).

Who’s this for: Espresso is for those that demand speed and ease, since it is the quickest method to produce an beverage. All you need to do is press a button and pop up a capsule. But both are simple to empty and clean. The Essenza Mini did battle following brewing heaps of espressos in our testing. This might be an issue if you intend on churning lungos out from the Essenza Mini for a dinner party.

Best Coffee Grinder for Most Coffee Lover

Want to grind your coffee beans and make a cup of coffee that fits with your need?. Maybe this coffee maker can be your “to-do list” in your shopping cart.

Our recommendations: Baratza Encore Coffee Grinder

Best Baratza Encore Coffee Grinder
Baratza Encore Coffee Grinder


  • Weights : 6.83 lbs
  • Dimensions: 6.3 by 4.7 by 13.8 inches
  • Grind settings: 40
  • Material Type: Stainless Steel

Who this is for: If you want to take coffee the thing on your brewing setup is a quality burr grinder. Unlike blade grinders, which occasionally chop coffee beans to smaller and smaller bits, burr grinders pulverize coffee beans involving two collections of burrs and deliver a far more uniform grind, which contributes to better-tasting coffee.

The shortages but not a bigdeal: The Encore is a very simple machine: It’s just an on/off switch, therefore it doesn’t allow for a paddle that is timed. (The Baratza Virtuoso, our upgrade pick, does.) It can take a long time to grind a very nice setting. And like each the machines we tested, the Baratza machines can be messy when grinding coffee, dispersing dust and chaff over the counter.

Why we recommend it: The slim and trim Baratza Encore Coffee Grinder is lower-priced than almost all of the competition–roughly $150 in comparison to about $200 for anything else in its echelon. The Encore performed as well as or better than any dwelling grinder we tried. It grinds beans evenly and quickly, is easy to use and fix, and is simple enough to wash and maintain that you’ll use it for a long time to come. The Encore makes it incredibly easy to generate a cup of coffee.

For Coffee Beans Cafe Owner

Best Coffee gear for making coffee with pour-over on it

Our Recommendation : The Kalita Wave 185 Dripper

The Kalita Wave 185 Dripper reviews

If you a cafe owner shop and looking for best dripper glass for making a coffee, we recommend you to buy this brand.

The shortages but not a bigdeal: Compared with an automatic drip coffee maker, a multistep, gear-intensive way of earning coffee could be somewhat complex, particularly if you’re groggy first thing in the morning. Moreover, our dripper select, the Kalita Wave 185 Dripper, has proprietary filters which are more challenging to obtain than normal Melitta filters. They’re, however, available on Amazon or in specialty coffee stores.
The Kalita Wave 185 Dripper image and reviews

Best Electric Kettle to Create Ideal “Hot Water” for Coffee Making

The best electric kettle for a few years and we have 2 products from different brand for recommendation.

  1. The Cuisinart CPK-17 PerfecTemp Cordless Electric Kettle
  2. Bonavita BV382510V 1.0L Digital Variable Temperature Gooseneck Kettle
The Cuisinart CPK-17 PerfecTemp Cordless Electric Kettle images
The Cuisinart CPK-17 PerfecTemp Cordless Electric Kettle

The reasons we like it: The Cuisinart CPK-17 PerfecTemp Cordless Electric Kettle bested all the contest in the evaluations for our best manual electric kettle (it has been our choice for 5 years or more and running). It has got a combination of precision, speed and ease of use. The deal has buttons with preset temperature settings, which is useful because different teas and coffees require brewing temps. In addition, if pour-over coffee is your jam, you will enjoy the exact aim of the gooseneck spout around the Bonavita BV382510V 1.0L Digital Variable Temperature Gooseneck Kettle. It had the very accurate temperature controls among all of the models we examined.

The Cuisinart CPK-17 PerfecTemp Cordless Electric Kettle plus and minusThe shortages but not a bigdeal at all: Though the Cuisinart CPK-17 had greater accuracy than the majority of the kettles we analyzed, we discovered that it was not as precise at hitting temperatures, measuring 8 levels over when we set it. Because this model has a slew of other features, we are willing to forgive its temperature variances.

We have received feedback from some of our subscribers breaking down following a year, such as rusting screws and lid issues. We have not experienced ourselves; several people on our staff have not encountered any issues and have owned and used this kettle for years.

Bonavita BV382510V review
Bonavita BV382510V 1.0L Digital Variable Temperature Gooseneck Kettle

The Bonavita BV382510V 1.0L Digital Variable Temperature Gooseneck Kettle is most effective for individuals preparing pour-over coffee (the gooseneck provides better aim), or for coffee lovers who will geek out over its spot-on temperature accuracy.

Best electric kettel Bonavita BV382510V 1.0L Digital Variable Temperature Gooseneck Kettle reviewsThe Bonavita 1-liter kettle has a few slight drawbacks: This model took out of our pick, and it does not provide a window that you see when it’s getting low. It lacks a boil setting, so you have to manually enter 212 °F employing button. Despite those defects, following over two years of employing the Bonavita BV382510V every day, we have not experienced any problems, and we think that it’s the best electric kettle for anyone who will use it.

The conclusions of some of the products we have reviewed above are the best coffee maker products in our opinion. Next it is your turn to decide which one is the best choice for you to buy